Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1944.

1958 — his first range finder camera, Yunost (Youth)
1962 — participated in Our Youth exhibition in the amusement Gorky Park in Moscow
1968 — graduated from Maurice Thorez Foreign Languages University. Professional translator from Italian, worked with Gianni Rodari, Marcello Argilli and other Italian authors
1979 — his first personal exhibition at the Baltic photo festival Dzinterdzeme (Amber Land) in Ogre, Latvia
1976—1984 — series of black and white minimalistic «squares» taken with a legendary Rolleiflex camera, which made the photographer famous in photographic circles
1980—2000s — numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad

Member of the Immediate / Direct Photography group (1987)
Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia

Aleksander Sliussarev worked in analytical or metaphysical, direct photography. In his work he used his vast practical experience as well as his profound knowledge of photographic theory, history of arts, visual studies. The range of his interests: objectivity, details of everyday life of people, elements of the environment. Sliussarev’s works are displayed / stored in the most prestigious museum collections of the world.