Aleksander Sliussarev used to say that he always learned to photograph, always tried to learn / master something. Preparing himself for shooting was important to him, and then choosing location — the two things connected to some extent but not directly. Sometimes it happens absolutely by accident. The photographer’s luck is about 7% chance. More important is the experience, that is the ability to foresee the event. It takes self-analysis and evaluation of a possible unfolding of the visual situation, to reach this ability to anticipate. A good shot only comes out if you made it.

About his creative work Sliussarev said that the style changed as he gradually realized the new opportunities of the equipment and graphic material; the theme didn’t change much, although it broadened, especially in his last years. Repetition, if it's natural, is not repetition, it's continuing development (maybe, deviation). Natural development, in turn, implies outstripping, and it also causes incomprehension by others. When contemplating how flooded with photographs Internet, in particular, and the world, in general, is, Aleksander Sliussarev noted that there is an interest in the image in any case. «Besides, human resources are limited. You can’t see everything, you see what you see. And this quite suffices you. You have to decide for yourself why you need the picture. It’s startling how people possessing a camera don’t bear responsibility for what they photograph».

At one of his lectures Sliussarev was asked a question about his attitude toward the fact that anyone today considers themselves a photographer, because it’s way too easy to push the button on your camera or make a photo with your cell phone. The master replied: «There is nothing easier than to take a pencil and a piece of paper in your hand — but good artists haven’t grown in number due to that!». «I engage myself in photography per se, and I don’t know how artistic it is. Firstly, it’s not for me to decide; secondly, what do I care what kind of photography I do… I mean this concerns genres, too. Anyway, I don’t journalize, I do analytical photography; for me the information of a certain moment is not important, what is important is the information of the state of this, let’s say, moment». «I change and the circumstances change. I’ll repeat the truth: the river flows. Repetition, if it’s natural, is not repetition, but continuing development».