In photography Sliussarev was almost always a metaphysician. He thought that on account of this he had rather difficult relationships with the viewer because the viewer cannot catch on it right away, because it takes time for him / her to get used to a concrete work, a concrete manner. In an interview to the Nezavisimaya Gazeta (Independent Newspaper) he told a story: «Once I was showing the Kuzminki series. And the people who came to the discussion, some quite reputable critics, decided that I was — OK, not deriding them, but making fun of them — by showing total gibberish. In fact, it wasn’t that way at all. But sometimes it’s really hard for people to get used to what I show them». In order to appreciate any work one has to get used to it, and then make a conclusion based on day-by-day communication with it. The transient nature of the photograph doesn’t imply its quick reading — the essence is in the sense of transiency.